Aviara Oaks Elementary

LOCATION: Aviara Oaks Elementary, 6900 Ambrosia Ln, Carlsbad, CA  92011 [map]
TIMES: Wednesdays, 2:50 - 4:20pm
FEES: $159; $10 sibling discount
AGES: 5 to 15

TO ENROLL:  Click here or call 866.323.4376.


Apr 15 - Jun 3 (8 Weeks)


  • Explore planets, galaxies, black holes, quasars and beyond! Conduct experiments that simulate actual conditions on the planets in our solar system. Uncover the secret Alien Copper Theft in U.S. pennies. Check out unearthly microscopic creatures! Watch Venetian Dry Ice cause coins to shiver, a giant faucet to leak, and a cannon to blast its charge 300 feet! Stand back from Mystery Metalís violent reaction to ordinary water. Beware a Rocket-Powered Car blasting to smithereens! Observe super-cooled Liquid Nitrogen freeze items 300 degrees, including a Liquid Nitrogen frozen treat! Build and prepare for launch your own high-soaring rocket!

More classes to be announced

Summer Camp 2009

Unfortunately, we will not be holding summer camp at Aviara Oaks Elementary.

We are holding Summer Camps at Encinitas Community Center and Rancho Santa Fe Community Center.


TO ENROLL:  Click here or call 866.323.4376.