Encinitas Community Center

TIMES: Mondays, 3:30 - 5:00pm
FEES: $139 Resident/ $149 Non-Resident
TERM: 6 weeks unless noted
AGES: 5 to 15


April 20 – June 1 (skip 5/25) [6 wks]

Blastronaut  [8-11 yrs]

*      Explore planets, galaxies, black holes, quasars and beyond!

*      Conduct experiments that simulate actual conditions on the planets in our solar system.

*      Uncover the secret Alien Copper Theft in U.S. pennies.

*      Check out unearthly microscopic creatures!

*      Watch Venetian Dry Ice cause coins to shiver, a giant faucet to leak, and a cannon to blast its charge 300 feet!

*      Stand back from Mystery Metal’s violent reaction to ordinary water.

*      Beware a Rocket-Powered Car blasting to smithereens!  

*      Observe super-cooled Liquid Nitrogen freeze items 300 degrees, including a Liquid Nitrogen frozen treat!

 Build and prepare for launch your own high-soaring rocket!


Space, Astronomy & Radical Rocketry [5-7 yrs]


*    Treat your kids to an exciting class exploring planets, galaxies,

*    Each child will build and prepare for launch there own rocket!

*    Black holes and quasars!

*     Conduct experiments that stimulate actual conditions

    on the planets in our solar system.



Fizz, Flames, and ElectroZap!

9:00 - Noon

M – F June 15 – 19



Investigate Crazy-Fast-Reacting Chemicals, Incredibly Complex Cells, Electrical Marvels, Monster Magnets, Nifty Nerves, Gruesome Germs & Gross Bugs.  Observe metals burning and make invisible gasses. Create snowstorms for a snowball fight! Concoct liquid nitrogen smoothies. Grow mold from between your toes! What does 200,000 volts FEEL like?! Are you as strong as a gorilla magnet? How long it takes mold to grow? The answers are YOURS to discover!

TO ENROLL: Call 760-943-2260 or visit www.encinitasrecreg.com

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